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Top 3 safety razors

Are you an electric razor man? Safety? Straight? Or are you yet to choose a favorite? This article outlines these top 3 safety razors and their pros and cons.

Safety Razors

Safety Razors are probably the most convenient options for most people. To begin with they are relatively inexpensive and many are disposable, which is great for anyone who travels a lot. The safety razor was invented, as the name might suggest, as a safer alternative to the straight razor, which, as mentioned, has the potential to cause some serious blood loss. Other than at the edges, the blades of the razor are enclosed which helps prevent accidents.


Safety razors can be bought with a relatively small price tag, so the initial investment is a lot less than that of a straight razor. You will need to replace the blades a lot more often so they are less cost effective in the long term. They are, however, a lot more convenient to use. Their main benefit is that you can just pick it up and start using it with very little preparation or skill required (and without the fear of slicing your face). The shave is quick and super convenient. Despite this, you can still get a quality shave; although it won’t be as close as a shave from an experienced straight razor user.

Electric razors

Electric razors have rotating or oscillating blades that roll over the skin to shave the hair. With these types of razors it is not necessary to use a shave cream or soap. However, this can leave skin quite dried out so it’s often necessary to be vigilant about applying moisturizer when shaving with an electric razor.


Straight razors

Straight razors are definitely the old school authority in shaving. They are the original and are characterized by long flat blades that fold open and closed. When open there is nothing really nothing to keep the razor from hurting you. The potential for nicks and cuts, not to mention serious wounds, is a serious drawback to this method of shaving. Also, straight razors necessitate a lot of maintenance and considerable skill.

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