I hope to one day sit with my children and laugh about days when people still believed in religion.

“And kids, in my day there were even people sentenced to death for questioning what everyone else believed in. Imagine that!’

Until then, I sigh at the contradictions in human nature: on one hand, we are a species that has sent men to the Moon, sequenced the human genome, and embarked on deep philosophical questions; on the other, we have laws that condemn men to death simply for reflecting on their religious beliefs.

Hishamuddin and Najib: make no mistake, the blood of Hamza Kashgari could be on your hands. And all for the sake of pandering to the religious right, because you have nothing else to offer.

Blasphemy has always been a victimless crime, a crime of conscience. If God exists he can jolly well punish heathens on his own.

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