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  • 60% of all Photoshop users are pirates (sample size: 500).
  • Adobe launches Photoshop Express, a stripped down version of its flagship product. Focus is on community and “family” functions.
  • Torrentspy.com, which was once the most visited BitTorrent site, shuts down in the face of MPAA suits.
  • Firefox 3 will debut in June 2008, fixing its memory-hogging.
    [I still have faith that Opera 9.5 will reclaim its position as the fastest browser when it's released >:( ]
  • Facebook widget-maker Max Levchin sells a 9% stake in his company (known for widgets like SuperPoke ) for USD $50mil.


  • A new opposition leader unleashes his blog.
  • Elected MP M. Manoharan, who is currently being detained under the ISA, has been denied release by the Govt. [Reuters]
  • UMNO flip-flops on the Terengganu MB drama, agreeing to the appointment of Ahmad Said. Pak Lah had earlier insisted that appointing anyone but Idris Jusoh would be unconstitutional.
  • The chief of the Penang branch of the National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) has said that attending state functions are no longer compulsory. Teachers are also being discouraged against inviting the new MPs for school events.


  • A major ice shelf in Antartica is beginning to break apart, as chillingly (pun unintended) captured by time-lapse videos.



  • Statistics show that monogamous men have the most children if they marry women younger than themselves.
  • A Macbook is hacked in less than 2 minutes in a 3-day hacking contest. A laptop running Vista was only cracked after relaxing the rules on the last day, while a laptop running Ubuntu was left unscathed throughout.
  • Certain cows are fitted with fistulas, man-made, permanent “holes” into their stomachs, to help research their digestive system.



  • Black swan to be reunited with its love – a paddle boat.
  • Interesting demonstration of the “lap guitar” method.
  • The legend of DB Cooper, whose story features in the hit series Prison Break, comes back to the spotlight after a half-buried parachute is found.

4 thoughts on “Snippets – March 30, 2008

  1. “Bethesda claims there will be “over 200 endings” in Fallout 3.”

    Now, it’s increased to around 500 endings. They’re trying to show Japanese game developers who’s boss, perhaps?

    …yes, I’m still alive, and I shall now be stalking your blog! Nyahahahaah!

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